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In many cases, foreigners living in Vietnam do not pay attention to their own visa validity until the leaving days. How to leave Vietnam or take extension with expired visa then?

As a local agent with great commands and experience, we can assist you to complete your exit procedure. It depends on the numbers of day you overuse your Vietnam visa. Of course, the longer you overstay, the more complicated the procedure is. How to leave Vietnam with expried visa

To leave Vietnam with expired visa, you should immediately contact with a visa agent in Vietnam at your soonest possible so that the visa agent can act as the guarantee side to deal with your problem on your half. If you overstay only 1 or two days, it is advisable for you to pay the fine fee yourself to Immigration Officer at Vietnam airport when you leave. The fine fee is small amount. You can certainly get Vietnam visa extension to avoid paying fine fee at Vietnam airport when leaving, however Vietnam visa extension takes you a few days more and the minimum length of extension is one month. In addition, the extension fee for 1 month is even higher than the fine fee.

If your Vietnam Visa already expired more than three days by your planned exit day, you should immediately contact us for arranging your Vietnam visa extension. In this case, you are to pay two types of fee: fine fee, and extension fee.

It should be noted for those who overstay in Vietnam for long period (one month upward) that the Vietnam Immigration Department may need to track your legal activity record of your staying period in Vietnam. In the event that you committed any crime or illegal action, the case would be much more complicated.

Further information about for other situations of overstaying in Vietnam or what to do in case foreigners lost passport can be found at overstaying Vietnam visa page

To avoid any trouble while living and exit Vietnam, foreigners are advised to pay due attention to your visa validity. If you planned to stay more than the allowed period, you should contact agents for arranging your Vietnam visa extension or Vietnam Visa renewal.

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